Meet Maribel

I want to Welcome you to Fluency Circle.

I have more than 17 years of experience working as an ESL Coach, a writer, and an editor. Communications is my passion and I'd love to share that with you.

The McCormack Method for Language Training focuses on the individual. After working abroad with several schools, Wall Street Institute, Oxford, Westminster, I noticed that all had good programs, but I found that personalizing the lesson plans for the individual, the way the person learns, the areas that we need to focus on, was a much more direct way of teaching with excellent results.

By writing customized lesson plans for my students, I found that they learned quickly and retained much more. I have been in the same situation my students are in: Learning a new language while living and working in another country. My approach is empathic. I consult with my students to determine which level they are on, what interests them, how they learn, and above all, keep talking. A student can learn, but if he or she doesn’t practice by speaking as much as possible, it takes much longer for them to reach their goals.

I use American Accent Training method for most of my students. It uses American intonation and speech patterns. For example: “Dogs eat bones becomes dogszeetbonz” in the American way of speaking. This helps my students to speak and comprehend easily using intonation for emphasis and a stair-step method. Using this method, my students reach near native fluency.

We also include current events, history, culture, current idioms and idiomatic phrases. For business English students, we do mock conference calls and presentations, and conflict resolution in the workplace among the many other methods. The most important thing is to keep the material interesting and relevant to the student’s life and interests.

Maribel McCormack ESL Coach, writing, editing

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