The Importance of Student Feedback

The Importance of Student Feedback

Continued student feedback is vital for the success of the student and tutor. You, as a student, know when you are stuck on particular grammar points, words, sentence structure, and need more explanation.

The tutoring process differs from a regular classroom setting. In a classroom, the teacher may have 25 students. He/she does not have time to explain beyond a basic point. A tutor, however, makes sure that you know and understand in real time. Whatever it takes.

As a student, you need to be very vocal, and give the tutor a chance to choose another way to explain until you understand perfectly. You need to finish the class knowing how to apply what you have learned.

I encourage all of my students to tell me if they don’t understand the concept. Tell me as many times as you need. I will make sure you understand before the end of class.

So, speak up, be involved. Never be shy about needing to go over a concept several times, several different ways.

Learning a language is difficult. You hired a tutor for a specific reason; personal attention.

Make your voice heard.

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