Customization Makes Fluency Circle’s ESL Training Effective

The Reason My Method Works While Some Traditional Methods Fail – Customization

Many students come to me after going through a traditional ESL (English as a Second Language) school. They pay a large amount of money up front for a system that does not focus on the individual. If you are in a class of 30 people, some will be on your level. Some will be below your level or above.

What we do at Fluency Circle is bridge the gap between; tenses, modals/conditionals, really any grammar point you did not fully understand.
The time to move from level to level is 120 hours. This is not the case with most of my students. They need additional tutoring on a personal level.

My method saves time and money for the student. By personalizing/customizing the curriculum, we reach goals quickly without focusing on things they already know.

If you think of it as a ladder, it helps. You want to reach the top of the ladder, but steps are broken, they need to be repaired. This is what we do at Fluency Circle. We identify the gaps, and we work from that point of view.

Accent modification is another component of my method. This teaches you to understand the intonation, the reduced sentences Americans use. You learn to listen and speak like a native. It works!

If you want to find out more about the Fluency Circle Approach to ESL education and training, contact me.

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